Winter Fitness

January 15th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

It’s the middle of winter, we have less daylight to work with and it causes us to feel a bit more sluggish and less productive throughout the colder months. And sometimes all you want to do is curl up in your Pittsburgh rental apartments. However, there is a way around all of that – Working out! Staying active during winter is the best way to beat that awful seasonal depression and it your energy levels high.

Getting started might not always be the easiest part of a new workout regimen but once you start, you will want to keep going. Before you take the plunge and sprint out of your front door in your fancy new sneakers on for your first run of your new fitness journey, make sure you have a plan and goals. Also, grab a buddy! Having a fitness buddy could be a fun, friendly competition, and you will also be holding one another accountable for accomplishing your goals.

Outdoor Fitness

Taking a jog around town is great in so many ways during the winter months. Map out a safe place you know will be clear of snow, ice and any other winter sludge that could be potentially hazardous during your workout. Try to keep that area close to your home in case you find yourself growing tired quickly, that way you can get inside quicker without having a long journey back home. Living at SkyVue apartments in Oakland Pittsburgh allows you a great location to start your run! Before you begin your jog make sure you warm up by jogging in place or walking around inside your place for about five minutes prior to heading outside.

When you are ready to head out be sure to let your body adjust to the current weather conditions by taking 30 second breaks every 3-4 minutes for the first ten minutes. If you usually run 4 miles during the summer months, cut it back to 2 during the winter months. When it’s time for your cool down, keep it short. Slow down your pace for the last 3-4 minutes and save those stretches for indoors!

Indoor Fitness

It’s always a great idea to head to the gym! If you’re reluctant to join a gym because of the price be sure to check around town for low priced facilities, some are as low as $10 a month (that’s less than your lunch at Chipotle)! If you’re lucky enough to have a gym right inside of your apartments in Pittsburgh, school, or workplace, then be sure to utilize those resources! By the way, SkyVue Apartments will feature a state-of-the art fitness center (find out more here), proving we’re one of the premier apartments for rent in Pittsburgh.

Joining a gym sometimes seems more frightening than it needs to be. I can almost guarantee you that there are more people there that are in the same boat as you. What are those big rubber bands? How is that guy even going backwards on the elliptical? Those look like basketballs but why are they so heavy?! Why am I even in this place? We’ve pretty much all been there but don’t let it scare you! If you want, you could grab a few sessions with a trainer to learn the ins and outs of what you should be doing.


Good luck, have fun and be safe on your new healthy journey!

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