Welcoming Visitors to Apartments in Pittsburgh

November 1st, 2016 by Ryan Sundling


One of the perks of living in apartments in Pittsburgh is the opportunity to host visitors. It seems that the Millennial generation is more and more willing to live in a different city than the one they grew up in. The United States Census Bureau found that, between 2007 and 2012, Millennials accounted for about 24 percent of the total population of the U.S., but they made up over 43 percent of all movers. With such rapid growth in cities like Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Austin and San Francisco, can anyone blame them?

Another factor in this generation’s willingness to relocate is advanced communication technology. Connecting with loved ones through audio and video is easier than ever, so it’s not like people who move will automatically lose contact with their friends and family. Cities like Pittsburgh are drawing young people in like crazy these days, and when cities grow, they often get more visitors as well.

Everyone loves visiting friends who’ve moved to a different city. It gives the host an opportunity to show off their cool new environment while reconnecting with an old friend. The visitor, in turn, gets a mini-vacation with one of their best friends, often without having to pay for a hotel room if they’re willing to sleep on a couch. However, it is an unwritten rule that the host is required to show the visitor around town. Hosts can’t just stick to the touristy spots either, they’re expected to know about the hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the best views of the city, and the strongest coffee in town. With this in mind, the team at SkyVue Pittsburgh apartments for rent has a couple tips on where to take your friends next time they’re in town for the weekend. Of course, they’ll want to see PNC Park and take a trip to Primanti Bros, but it’s your job to give them an even more authentic Pittsburgh experience. Happy exploring!

Get it Poppin’ at Pittsburgh Popcorn

Pittsburgh knows how to do food, from breakfast to dinner and even dessert. For a memorable snack at any time of day, take your visitors to Pittsburgh Popcorn. They have locations all over The Burgh, from the Strip District to Oakland. Now, let’s talk about what makes Pittsburgh Popcorn special; the flavors! Your friends from the Midwest will appreciate the Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese popcorn, and everyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate the Chunky Chocolate Caramel popcorn. To see all the available flavors, check out the website above or better yet, go taste the real thing in one of their shops.

Hit the Strip District

Taking your friends to the Strip District might seem like a TTM (Total Tourist Move) but no trip to Pittsburgh is complete without a visit to this worldly part of town. You can wow your friends with interesting tidbits about the rich history of the area. For instance, the Strip District was home to iron mills, foundries and glass factories as early as the 1820s and 1830s. That’s before your great grandpa was even alive, and probably before many of our ancestors even came to America. Anyway, if that’s not enough you can just buy them food at one of the many street vendors, restaurants and coffee bars that line the sidewalks in this international haven. The Strip district is home to many Middle Eastern, African, Mexican, Caribbean, Central American and South American shops and restaurants. Proving that this part of town is able to satisfy any palate.

For more tips, events, and new restaurant openings follow SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments on social media. Remember to refer your out of town friends to SkyVue as well, in case you’re able to sell them on moving to Pittsburgh!

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