Top Decorating Tips For SkyVue Apartments in Pittsburgh

April 22nd, 2016 by Ryan Sundling


SkyVue doesn’t just have the newest Apartments in Pittsburgh; ours are the most design forward. Taking inspiration from the latest trends alongside timeless themes of elegance, you’ll find SkyVue’s Pittsburgh apartments to be super stylish from the very start. But to make your place feel like home, you have to infuse elements of your own personal style. If you think that sounds complicated and expensive, don’t worry. Our favorite home décor blog, Design Sponge, has a fantastic guide called First-Time Decorating: When to Splurge & When to Save. We’ve highlighted our top three tips to get you started on making you new Pittsburgh apartments feel homey in a hurry.

Top Decorating Tips From the Most Design-Savvy Apartments in Pittsburgh

  1. 1. Couch Seating – This one seems like a no-brainer but if you’re considering a move that includes hauling big furniture pieces or even starting from scratch on home furnishings, now may be the perfect time to upgrade to a more grown-up sofa. Invest in comfortable seating for the long-term, Design Sponge recommends. When shopping for a sofa, choose a simple, classic shape and a neutral color that will stay in style. Sofas can be pricey, but if you invest in a well-made piece, you can always reupholster it later on. And before you make your final decision, they recommend ordering fabric samples and trying to find the piece in a store or showroom so you can see and feel it firsthand.
  1. 2. Dining Room Table – When it comes to the dining room, Design Sponge recommends investing in a sizable table. With the best open-concept layouts of any apartments for rent in Pittsburgh, PA, you’re good to go big. Design Sponge suggests possibly picking a table with drop leaves or extensions to make it versatile for entertaining small or large groups. Nice dining chairs are pricey, and with a big table, the costs can add up. Design sponge’s pro tip is to consider benches for seating more people. Or try a mix of vintage chairs (but keep the color or finish similar). Since we’re talking about sleek downtown Pittsburgh apartments here, you want to minimize clutter. Design Sponge suggests sneaking dining chairs you don’t regularly use into the rest of the house (as desk chairs or accent seating).
  1. 3. Rugs – Just because we walk all over our rugs doesn’t mean they’re unimportant when it comes to tying a room together. In fact, rugs could be the number one way to make your Pittsburgh dwelling feel cozy all year long. Design Sponge points out that area rugs can be either a splurge or a save depending on your style and preference. Save on neutral natural fiber rugs (like jute or sisal) for the dining room. Or use one as a base layer for a large living room, then layer a smaller rug on top. For wool and synthetic material area rugs, Design Sponge recommends searching out steep discounts on sites like RugsUSA. When investing in a handmade rug, they emphasize the importance of buying from a company that supports small artisanal rug makers fairly and transparently. Bellwether Rugs, for example, donates a sheep through Oxfam with every purchase.

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