Steel City History with your Pittsburgh Apartments

June 8th, 2017 by Ryan Sundling

Welcome to another informative blog post from SkyVue apartments in Pittsburgh. We’re taking a break from talking about trendy restaurants and hot concert venues to talk about some Pittsburgh mainstays.

One reason we love Pittsburgh so much is the seamless blending of old and new that happens every day in this city. Sure, some longtime Pittsburgh residents hate the new parts of town, and some new residents wish the old parts would catch up to the ways of the 21st century, but we all get along for the most part.

SkyVue is firmly in the “new” camp as far as Pittsburgh goes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the older parts. That includes Lawrenceville, the neighborhood to the north that is home to some of the oldest buildings and businesses in Pittsburgh. You can read about three of those businesses below.

Arsenal Bowl

Arsenal Bowl has different specials for every day of the week. Our favorite day to go bowling is Sunday, because Arsenal Bowl has one of the best deals in town. On Sundays from 6pm to 8pm, you can enjoy Arsenal’s all-you-can-bowl special for $9.95, a low price that also also includes pizza and soda. It’s hard to even step outside your apartments in Pittsburgh without spending at least $10, which makes Sundays at Arsenal Bowl so appealing.

Aside from the low prices, Arsenal Bowl is awesome because of the whole retro vibe that the establishment embraces wholeheartedly. They use old-school scoring systems, and you’ll never find cosmic bowling or black lights within these four walls. Although an old bowling alley might not sound all that great, Arsenal Bowl is. It may be ancient, but it’s far from run-down. In fact, Arsenal Bowl is well kept, well-lit, and offers plenty of space and lanes in which to get your bowl on.

Frankie’s Extra Long

Here at SkyVue apartments for rent in Pittsburgh, we like to talk about food. In fact, many of our blogs are dedicated to telling residents about some of the hot new restaurants in town. Whether it’s a pop-up, a food truck, or a new fusion restaurant, the culinary scene is always changing in Pittsburgh. However, one thing has remained the same in this town for over 80 years; Frankie’s Extra Long. This is where long time Pittsburgh residents go to get their hot dog fix because the Frankie’s staff knows that you don’t mess with classic taste.

Nied’s Hotel

Nied’s Hotel moved into it’s location in Lawrenceville in 1941, and not much has changed since then. Let’s take a moment to consider just how long ago 1941 was.

  • McDonald’s didn’t serve hamburgers in 1941, only barbecue.
  • Airbags didn’t exist until 1954.
  • Velcro wouldn’t be invented for another decade.
  • CPR wouldn’t be discovered and developed for another 19 years.

So, yes, Nied’s is old. However, that’s not a bad thing in Lawrenceville. For Nied’s Hotel, it’s a point of pride. The folks at Nied’s are also proud of their fish sandwiches, their live entertainment, and the group vacations that members of the Nied’s community often go on, traveling everywhere from Atlantic City to Alaska.

You can get a taste of Nied’s on Saturday, July 15th, when they’re having a huge event to raise money for charities that help victims of domestic violence. The lineup will feature nine different musical acts beginning at 1:30 pm and ending at 10:00 pm.

Thanks, as always, for reading the latest SkyVue blog. We’ll be back in a couple weeks with another post about our favorite city. Until then, be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with everything happening at SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments.

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