Spring Strolls From SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

April 8th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling


Spring is officially here at SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments. While there’s nothing wrong with a little cleaning, we think stepping out for a scenic stroll is a much better way to welcome the season. Walking is full of benefits: It’s a fine way to get some exercise, it’s a proven way to de-stress after a busy day, and there’s no better way to explore a new neighborhood. With one of the best and most central locations of any apartments for rent in Pittsburgh, SkyVue is especially suited for anyone who loves a healthy walk or jog. But as the newest downtown Pittsburgh residences, we also have a reputation as innovators. So we’re not just profiling our favorite place for a springtime walk, we’re also recommending a few amazing spots that are off the beaten path when it comes to popular destinations. We think you’ll love them as much as we do.

Best Scenic Spring Walk From SkyVue’s Pittsburgh Apartments

  1. 1. The Three Rivers Heritage Trail is Pittsburgh’s signature riverfront trail system. It’s an obvious first choice if you haven’t made it all the way around downtown on its beautifully maintained paths to take in all the stunning views. And several entrance points are an easy walk from SkyVue’s Pittsburgh apartments in Oakland. The 24-mile nonlinear trail has segments on both banks of Pittsburgh’s three rivers with access to city neighborhoods, business districts, and local attractions, according to Friends of the Riverfront, the nonprofit that maintains the trail. They say the trail exists to promote a healthy lifestyle, recreation, and safe routes for commuters. We couldn’t agree more. From Point State Park, where the Allegheny River and Monongahela River unite to form the Ohio River, Wikipedia notes that the trail extends three miles up the north side of the Allegheny River to Millvale, and three miles down the north bank of the Ohio River to Brunot Island. On the Monongahela River, the trail goes five miles upriver from Station Square to a point just short of the Waterfront Shopping District. Best of all, signs along the way call attention to significant places, historical events, and native wildlife. Maps and more info at http://friendsoftheriverfront.org/

Best Lesser-Known Walk According to The Team at SkyVue Apartments Pittsburgh

  1. 2. Riverview Park is the city’s fourth largest park and perhaps its most overlooked. That’s too bad because its quiet wooded trails and dramatic elevations make for some fantastic vistas as you stroll. It’s big on history, too. Founded in 1894, Riverview Park actually predates its neighborhood of Perry North’s annexation to the City of Pittsburgh in 1907. Although it’s not walking distance from SkyVue Apartments Pittsburgh, this lovely park is only about five miles away and offers an opportunity to explore one of Pittsburgh’s most picturesque and historic communities. According to Riverview Park’s website, its extensive network of wooded trails are popular with hikers, joggers, and the occasional horseback rider. The park is also home to the landmark Allegheny Observatory, a space-themed playground, a visitor’s center, a swimming pool, the natural beauty of the Mairdale watershed, and the popular two-mile Riverview Loop. Perhaps the parks most defining landmark, the iconic Allegheny Observatory, is reason enough to visit. Founded in 1859, the observatory is famous for early research on sunspots and drawings created there are still used in astronomical textbooks today, according to its Wikipedia page. Even more impressive, the Standard Time system originated there in 1869 when the observatory’s operators started selling a subscription service that accurately determined the time by astronomical measurements and transmitted it over telegraphs to customers. On November 18, 1883, the Allegheny Observatory transmitted a signal on telegraph lines operated by railroads in Canada and the United States. The signal marked noon, Eastern Standard Time, and railroads across the continent synchronized their schedules based on this signal. The standard time that began on this day is still in use right now.

Best Scenic Stairmaster Walks Near SkyVue’s Pittsburgh Apartments

  1. 3. Climbing the Southside Slopes Steps and the other massive outdoor staircases around town feels less like a workout and more like a scavenger hunt adventure. Often tucked between backyards and side streets, the stairs offer a fascinating way to explore neighborhoods while cranking up the cardio. If climbing stairs weren’t great for your butt and overall physique, they never would’ve invented the Stairmaster. At SkyVue, we’re the most fitness-conscious apartments for rent in Pittsburgh, so we get it. But even though we have a top-notch onsite gym, spring is the perfect time to get outside in the splendid weather. That’s where Pittsburgh’s one-of-a-kind stairs come in. Our city has by far the most steps of any American city. As a matter of fact, if all of Pittsburgh’s stairways were collectively stacked, they would reach the top of Mt. Everest, according to a recent WESA story. Their report spotlighted several of the city’s scenic public stairways, including one right here in Oakland on Romeo and Frazier Streets, which are both solely pedestrian walkways. The city’s highest concentration of public stairways, however, is found on the steep hillsides of the Southside Slopes neighborhood, according to Backpacker Magazine. For a memorable and bun-burning hike, Backpacker recommends following the route of the annual Step Trek fundraising walk held every October by the Southside Slopes Neighborhood Association. This 3.2-mile urban loop begins in the trendy South Side neighborhood just off East Carson Street and tops out with a skyscraper city view from a cemetery atop Mount Oliver. We tried this one ourselves, and while we’re not in J-Lo shape yet, it was lots of fun and 100% worth it. See Backpacker link for a route summary. Enough reading, let’s get stepping!

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