Spring Break: SkyVue Style

February 12th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

Spring Break Tips Pittsburgh

It may still be cold in Pittsburgh but it is most definitely time to start planning those fun filled Spring Break trips!  We know you all have been working hard every day in your classes so you deserve a break from it all.  Don’t waste your Spring Break lying around your Pittsburgh apartment; let’s have some fun!

Start off by finding out who will be travelling with you.  Before picking a destination it’s always good to know how many people will be going with you.  The larger your travel group, the better your rates will be!  Travel agencies usually have plenty of packages for students, especially for Spring Break.

Once you have your group of travelers decide on a place that everyone will enjoy spending their time.  Choose a place that you will all enjoy, you don’t have to go somewhere just because that’s where everyone else is going.  Or, maybe that IS what you want to do!  Cancun might not be the wave everyone wants to ride, maybe you’ll opt for a more relaxing spot this year.

After you have picked your destination book your trip, and book your trip as early as possible!  Hotels will fill up quick during Spring Break and you do not want to miss out on the trip you had hoped for.  Have you decided how you’ll be travelling there?  If you need to fly, be sure to shop around for those tickets.  If you have a large group and you are using a travel agency they may find you the best rate, but still shop around aside from that.

Using sites like Cheap Flights, Travelocity, and CheapTickets are always a great way to go as well.  They offer packages including Flights + Cars, Flights + Hotels, Hotels + Cars, and Flights + Hotels + Cars and so on.  Bundling your trips will definitely be the best bang for your buck!

Now that we have all of your big things booked let’s get down to the fun stuff!  What are you going to be doing on your trip?  What spots are you planning to hit when you get there?  Make the most of your trip by checking reviews online with TripAdvisor which will provide you with reviews of places all over the world!

It’s time to pack!  Assuming most of you will be headed to a warm and sunny beach we’ll start off with the obvious… SWIMSUITS!  Do you have enough?  I’m sure you will be spending most of your time in only your swimsuit so pack plenty and don’t forget your cover-ups, flip flops, and sunglasses!  Have your outfits planned for your evenings out and try to pair the same shoes with different outfits so you don’t have to pay extra baggage fees.  For more packing tips and trips check out this list awesome list!

After paying for your flights, hotel, and transportation you will need to plan out your daily cash allowance.  You will need to plan out what you will be spending every day for food, drinks, activities and shopping.  It all adds up quickly so plan ahead and stick to it so you don’t run dry before your trip is over!

Now that all the work is done, enjoy your trip and stay safe!


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