Pittsburgh Apartments Make Life Better For These Reasons

December 15th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

Downtown Pittsburgh Apartments

SkyVue provides the apartments for rent Pittsburgh students turn to when making their college housing decision. We combine luxury and location to meet students’ living needs, plus a blog to boot! Sadly, soon many of our residents will be leaving us for a few weeks. The holidays are almost here and for some people, that means heading back to their hometown for a weekend or two.

Going home can bring about feelings of nostalgia for old friends, old haunts and that comfortable, hometown vibe. Many a college student and recent grads have gone home and been convinced that they actually made a big mistake moving away. The appeal of hometowns is understandable. Your parents probably live there, and being close to family is one of the most important factors when people are deciding where to live.

We’d hate for any of our SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments residents to leave us though. With the help of Thrillist, we put together a list of things that you’ll surely miss about Pittsburgh if you do decide to move back home. Of course, maybe we have it all wrong. Maybe you’ll be searching for the earliest flight back to The Burgh after just a few days of sleeping in your parent’s basement. Either way, everyone could use a reminder of why we all love living in Pittsburgh.

The Food

Your hometown probably has a few old bakeries and cafes that you’ve been going to for years. They’re nostalgic and reliable. Well, Pittsburgh has about 50 different places that meet that description, so you don’t have to settle for the same stale scone and coffee combination every morning like you would back home. Pittsburgh’s food scene is as much about historic eateries as it is about trendy food trucks and fusion cuisine. That’s part of the reason Pittsburgh consistently gets ranked as one of America’s top food cities.

The Views

What’s the best view in your hometown? Whether it’s a farm scene or a water tower peeking over the trees, Pittsburgh’s views probably win this round. There’s nothing quite like coming over the hill and seeing the city laid out before you, with bridges as far as the eye can see. Everywhere you look, the city glistens with black and gold iron and steel. Hometowns are great for a lot of reasons, but a spectacular view of the skyline probably isn’t one of them.

The Arts

When it’s warm out, there’s an arts festival every single weekend in Pittsburgh. When it’s cold out, people huddle for warmth inside places like the Andy Warhol Museum or the Carnegie Museum of Art. Seriously, this city is as cultured as they come. Think about all the people in small towns across the country who don’t have that same kind of access to the arts.  Even if you don’t find yourself going to museums or art festivals all that often, the mere fact that they’re available is a big deal.

The Parks

Okay, lack of green space is actually one downside to living in the big city instead of your hometown. Well, it’s a downside for cities that aren’t Pittsburgh. The Burgh’s city planners left plenty of green space open for the public to enjoy. The city has massive chunks of land like Frick Park dedicated to green space, and the park system is only growing. Did you hear about the developer who just made the largest land donation to Pittsburgh in 100 years? That’s right, we’re adding another 660 acres of green space to our already green city. Hometowns just can’t compete!

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