Perfect Lunch Spots near SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

October 18th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling


The brand new apartments Pittsburgh residents have been waiting for are open at SkyVue. In addition to our beautiful apartments, we also try to provide residents with some quick tips about where to eat, where to go out and where to enjoy everything Pittsburgh has to offer. The Burgh is growing fast, which means many of our residents are new to town. The SkyVue team wants to help both new residents and long-time Pittsburgh citizens find a lunch spot they can rely on for years to come.

Finding a quick, cheap, convenient lunch spot is one of the great victories in life. There’s nothing worse than wandering around for 20 minutes on your lunch break, searching for that perfect combination of fast service, good food and low prices. If you’re someone who eats out for lunch most days, you want to find a place that’s cheap, yet tasty enough so you can justify the money you’re spending every day.

Luckily, SkyVue Pittsburgh apartments are located in one of the greatest food cities in America. Yes, The ‘Burgh is known as a foodie destination, and has been for a few years now. While that sometimes means fancy restaurants on every corner and fewer cheap, greasy diners, Pittsburgh still has plenty of affordable lunch options that we’ll highlight in today’s post.

Doce Taqueria

Tacos taste best when they’re simple, large, and under $4. Doce Taqueria meets all that criteria, so you can get in and out of their south side location without wasting half your lunch break deciding which toppings you want or how many tacos to get. When lunch costs less than an Uber ride, you know you’ve found the right place.

Bluebird Kitchen

For less than $10 you can get giant sandwiches served hot or cold, and healthy yet hearty salads. Whatever you choose, you can trust that Bluebird is putting super fresh, super local ingredients into every bite. This classy downtown spot puts a heavy emphasis on serving seasonal, locally grown food whenever it can. The best part is, their menu changes every few months, so you’ll never have that boring, ‘same-lunch-as-yesterday’ feeling.

Everyday Noodles

Look no further for the most exciting lunch in town. How can noodles be exciting you ask? They can be when you’re watching the chefs through a glass wall as they spin, twirl, and chop up fresh dough for your meal. Everyday Noodles is known for their dumplings, which the chefs also make by hand right in front of your eyes. You’ll return from this lunch trip with a newfound respect for handmade food and a great experience to tell your friends about.

Apollo Cafe

You’ll feel good about yourself after ordering from Apollo Cafe, knowing that you just helped support a family-run business that’s been operating in Pittsburgh since 1988. The Mediterranean inspired dishes are fresh and always served with a smile. Try the soup next time you’re downtown for lunch and don’t worry about getting a side because these are some of the heartiest, most filling soups around. If you don’t believe us, order the soup and half-sandwich combo for only $5 and leave with no regrets.

Lili Cafe

This south side cafe offers a whole lot more food than your average chain of coffee shops. The menu includes trendy, healthy meal options like kimchi rice bowls, vegan sausage and “punk toast” for the edgier crowd. All the food is served in a funky, relaxed setting, perfect for escaping the flourescent lights in your office or classroom.  

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