New Food Tips From SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments for Rent

September 6th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

food tips pittsburgh apartments for rent

SkyVue offers Pittsburgh apartments for rent in the heart of the city. We’re in the heart of Steelers country, the heart of Primanti Bros territory and the heart of the fastest growing restaurant scene in America. Zagat said that Pittsburgh in 2015 had the best year for restaurants of any city in America and here at SkyVue, we aren’t surprised. When you combine good eats with our city’s high walkability score and affordable real estate market you can see why people are constantly looking for Pittsburgh apartments for rent. The team at SkyVue wanted to showcase Pittsburgh’s burgeoning culinary industry that seems to add dozens of new restaurants every couple months. Here is a list of our favorite new restaurants all over downtown Pittsburgh, Oakland and beyond.

Revel + Roost opened in March 2016, billing itself as a, “Refined Rustic American restaurant located in Downtown Pittsburgh.” Their Sunday brunch starts at 10:00 a.m. which is an automatic win in our book. Another cool aspect of this restaurant is the concept behind the name. The owners focus on the clear distinction between “Revel” and “Roost.” On the lower level, Revel serves fast lunches and casual dinners. On the upper level, Roost serves more upscale breakfast and brunch. The chefs pay attention to plating and the ambiance at both restaurants is well done, so wear something nice and get some photos while you’re there.

Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine combines just about every comfort food from every culture you can think of. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you definitely won’t be bored by the menu at this brand new restaurant on South Braddock. Ease just opened in March, but customers have already been raving about their seafood dishes in Yelp reviews. If you’re looking for other mouth watering entrees you can take your pick of buffalo burgers, stuffed meatloaf, butternut squash ravioli, and a whole lot more at Ease Modern Comfort Cuisine.

G&G Noodle Bar is bringing asian street food to downtown Pittsburgh. The G&G website promotes, “Pittsburgh’s most unique and balanced dining experience.” You might recognize this Pittsburgh eatery by its former name, Grit and Grace. The rebranding has come with a menu shift that now offers korean wings, steamed buns and a full noodle bar in an eccentric yet tasteful environment. G&G Korean wings are to die for with their unbeatable combination of sweet, tangy and spicy flavoring.

Station opened about a year ago, and in that time head chef Curtis Gamble’s has developed one of the best menus the Steel City has to offer. The Mediterranean-influenced restaurant is ideal for sitting down and enjoying a three course dinner because you won’t want to leave without sampling every part of the menu. Gamble excels when cooking poultry, so find something with chicken in it and order away!

We have to finish up with a real Pittsburgh institution after talking about all these new restaurants. Since 1986, The Penn Brewery restaurant near SkyVue has offered Pittsburgh-inspired entrees made from local ingredients such as wurst, schnitzel, pierogi, and goulash. This is where you can find a true Pittsburgh eating experience that’s been around since before Zagat even thought of doing reviews in the Steel City. Come to Penn when you’re in the mood for a good old fashioned french fry salad or flatbread for lunch or dinner seven days a week.

You can’t enjoy the new restaurants until you’ve tried every old restaurant in Pittsburgh! That’s the first rule of being an official Pittsburgh foodie. Follow SkyVue Pittsburgh apartments for rent on social media and find out about more new restaurants opening soon!

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