Millennials Flock to Pittsburgh Apartments for Rent

September 20th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

millennials pittsburgh apartments for rent

SkyVue offers Pittsburgh apartments for rent in the middle of Oakland between Forbes and Fifth Avenue. We’re bringing new vitality to Pittsburgh’s Medical and University district with a world-class living experience that appeals to recent graduates and seasoned professionals alike. Spectacular views coupled with top-tier amenities make SkyVue a premier destination for Pittsburgh’s growing population. Yes, that’s right. We said growing population.

It’s part of our job at SkyVue to keep tabs on the ebbs and flows of Pittsburgh’s population since those statistics directly affect the kinds of apartments for rent Pittsburgh residents need. It’s been in the news recently that Pittsburgh could be one of the major metropolitan areas experiencing a decline in population, but we have some good news about reversing population trends.

According to the Pew Charitable Trust, the percentage of young graduates who live in Pittsburgh grew from 10% of the population in 2000 to 16% in 2014. This shows that millennials are flocking to Pittsburgh in droves. There are almost 15,000 more young people in the city today than there were 15 years ago. SkyVue is part of an effort to provide high quality Pittsburgh apartments for rent for the city’s growing population of young professionals. For years, the city’s medical and university district has thrived, but until now, well-appointed modern apartments near Pitt, UPMC, Carlow University, and Carnegie Mellon University were in short supply. That is no longer the case thanks in part to SkyVue’s spacious new development.

Pittsburgh leads the charge of Rust Belt cities that lost population size after factory jobs dried up, but are now attracting young people who recently graduated college. One big reason for the population boom is the innovation shown by Pittsburgh’s leading research institutions like Carnegie Mellon University, Pitt and Carlow University. When industry jobs and factory workers left the city, the major institutions worked tirelessly and eventually attracted technology companies which in turn attracted young people.

“St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Baltimore are former Rust Belt cities that were given up for dead but are making a comeback because their universities were able to remain world-class centers of research,” author Antoine van Agtmael, a trustee at the Brookings Institute, told the website

Pittsburgh sets itself apart from cities like Seattle, Austin and Denver because of our long history as an industrial powerhouse. There is existing infrastructure in place all over this city just waiting to be reclaimed and reused. Warehouses and factories are being renovated every day to provide loft housing and new retail spaces. Historic college institutions are constantly upgrading facilities that will allow them to do even more research and generate even more excitement in the tech industry.

“Consider the growth we’ve seen here in the past few years,” said Rebecca Bagley, the University of Pittsburgh’s vice chancellor for economic partnerships.

“Carnegie Mellon University and Pitt really own economic development opportunities, especially in sciences areas, and I think we’ll see more growth in jobs in other fields. The economic drivers are pretty diverse: manufacturing, health-care, life sciences, IT, software, financial services. And that could spur jobs in retail, entertainment and other services.”

SkyVue puts you in the midst of it all, just steps from prestigious institutions where jobs are created every day. It’s an exciting time to be a Pittsburgh resident and we’re here to help you get the most out of our beloved city. We are proud to offer high quality Pittsburgh apartments for rent and we know you’ll be proud to call our community home. Every time you look out your window and see the Pittsburgh skyline it will act as a reminder that living at SkyVue was the right choice.

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