4 Specific Food Experiences by SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

January 24th, 2017 by Ryan Sundling

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Most Pittsburgh apartments are within a few miles of a world-class restaurant. That’s just the way we do it in The Burgh. Do you ever have trouble finding a good restaurant here? For most people, the answer is probably no. Your social media feed is probably filled with lists about Pittsburgh’s top restaurants.

There is no shortage of ways to find the best restaurants in town. For example, the city’s top chefs were reviewed and rewarded in this contest by StarChef. Plus yelp has compiled a list of the top 24 Pittsburgh restaurants based on user reviews and star rating, which can be found here. Even Uber has a list of restaurants that people request the most rides to and from, which you can read here.

So it’s not hard to find a good restaurant, or a list of the top 5 restaurants. But what does “good” really mean? The restaurant you take your college friends to probably isn’t the same restaurant you bring your grandma to when she visits your swanky apartments in Pittsburgh. The point is, you need a list that will tell you which restaurants are perfect for certain people in your lives. That’s why the team at SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments assembled this guide to Pittsburgh restaurants that will please every visitor you ever have, from your generous parents to your less-than-wealthy buddy from back home. We got some help from our friends at NextPittsburgh, so be sure to check out their site for even more delicious restaurants and cafes.

The best place to let your parents pay for a meal:

Eleven (50)

One Yelp reviewer described Eleven as a place to “have a grown up time and eat good, grown up food.” Sounds like a place to let your parents wine you and dine you, right? Eleven is definitely a “special occasion” kind of restaurant, where you can order fresh seafood and steak just the way you like. If you’re totally sold on Eleven but don’t have your parents visiting any time soon, check out their happy hour Mon-Fri from 4-6.

The best place for your friend who’s gluten-free and allergic to everything:


We all have a friend who refuses to eat anything less than the best. This person is probably up at the crack of dawn doing early morning yoga before chugging a kale and spinach smoothie. The Eden is the place to take this friend for a sit down dinner. The Eden’s website talks about having food that’s “100% gluten free, allergy conscious, vegan and raw.” There’s no real downside to eating like this, so if you’ve got a healthy friend and you want to be a little more healthier yourself, stop by The Eden this week.

The best place to take your broke friend who’s crashing on your couch:


What an appropriate name for a no-frills noodle restaurant. Noodle are cheap to make, so they should be cheap to enjoy. Noodlehead understands this, and most if not all of their entrees and appetizers come in under $10. The decor is beautiful without being pretentious, featuring reclaimed wood and barn-style design throughout the interior. For delicious asian noodles without a massive price tag, check out Noodlehead.

The best place to take your protein-addicted workout-partner:

Guacho Parrilla Argentina

When you hear people talk about Pittsburgh’s incredible food scene, they’re referring to places like Guacho Parrilla Argentina. It’s ethnic, yet oh-so-pittsburgh at the same time. This is a meat and potatoes town and Guacho Parrilla Argentina knows meat. They probably know potatoes as well, who knows. The carne sandwiches are absurdly delicious, and the asado plate comes with five different cuts of steak. Take your gym-obsessed friend here after a workout and watch as his or her mind is blown by the sheer amount of protein inside this establishment.  

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