Cool Cafes near SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

March 21st, 2017 by Ryan Sundling

coffee pittsburgh apartments

Here at SkyVue Pittsburgh apartments, we thought our residents might appreciate a list of coffee shops in Pittsburgh that do more than just feed caffeine addictions. These cafes and coffee houses are known for their ambiance, unique decor and of course, strong coffee. Here some coffee shops to try next time your usual cup of joe doesn’t get the job done.


Tazzo D’Oro


This coffee shop’s name literally translates to “cup of gold” and they deliver on those lofty expectations every day. With a convenient location on the Carnegie Mellon campus near SkyVue apartments, Tazzo D’Oro is a perfect option for anyone looking to get some studying done near your apartments in Oakland, Pittsburgh. After all, sometimes the library is just a little too quiet.  


Black Forge Coffee House


This one-of-a-kind coffee shop offers something no other shop on this list offers; live heavy metal music. The full name of the cafe is “Black Forge Coffee House Darkness Brewing Eternal,” so you can guess what the vibe is like inside. The walls are black. The chairs are black. The coffee is, of course, black and strong. The iced lattes do come in adorable little mason jars, so maybe Black Forge Coffee House isn’t entirely evil.


BREW on Broadway


Do you like your coffee with a side of philanthropy? BREW on Broadway has you covered. Every Monday is Pints for a Cause day, when $.50 of every cup of coffee sold gets donated to a different Pittsburgh charitable organization. There are also plenty of reasons to visit BREW on Broadway beyond just the charitable causes. First, the coffee house was built out of a renovated 1920s grocery store. Second, they have food carts and food trailers on the weekend. Third, they sell something called “Denver Cheddar Popcorn.” Good luck staying away from BREW on Broadway for long.


Espresso a Mano


First of all, Espresso a Mano’s website homepage is a thing of beauty. The brick-and-mortar coffee house in Lawrenceville does a good job matching the beauty of their website. The building has a wide open garage-door style entrance that they leave up when the weather is nice. We’ll put it this way: it’s going to be hard not to post too many Instagrams when you first go to Espresso a Mano.


Blue Canary


You know those syrups that every coffee shop has on their back wall? You never see them in any other kind of store, right? Well Blue Canary takes their flavor syrup to the next level by making all their syrup in-house. Their beans are locally sourced as well, so you won’t have to worry about being let down by your first cup of coffee at Blue Canary.


Caffe D’amore


Before you read on, click the Caffe d’Amore link above to see yet another beautifully designed website. These coffee shops sure know how to impress their digital audience. Caffe d’Amore started as a simple coffee stand at the Pittsburgh Public Market, but has since expanded to occupy a brick-and-mortar location in Upper Lawrenceville. They do more than just serve coffee, too; Caffe d’Amore has a retail shop where they sell tons of cool coffee related gifts and gadgets. For the coffee-obsessed, Caffe d’Amore is the obvious choice.


Carnegie Coffee Company


This cute little coffee shop is located a little outside of the Pittsburgh city limits, but it’s worth it just to try a bite of their house made bacon cheddar quiche. Located on main street in the small town of Carnegie, this coffee house is known their their scrumptious soup, sugary pastries and of course, high quality coffee.
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