The Best Dog Parks in the City from SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

July 19th, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

dog parks pittsburgh apartments

At SkyVue, we think we have the best pet amenities of any Pittsburgh apartments for rent. Our on-site dog walking area provides a convenient space for your furry friend to play, exercise and just let loose. At some point you’re going to want to take your dog to some of Pittsburgh’s sprawling off-leash dog parks though. The team at SkyVue Pittsburgh apartments found a great list of the best off-leash dog parks in the city from CBS Pittsburgh. All of these dog parks have something for your dog as well as some attractions for humans. Here is a list of our favorites for you and your four-legged friend to check out, and remember to wash your pup off in SkyVue’s convenient on-site dog-washing station once you get back from your adventure!

Riverview Dog Park – 1 Riverview Avenue

This gorgeous waterside park spans 280 acres, so you better make sure your dog knows its name and comes back when you call it! Riverview Park is also home to the Allegheny Observatory, where University of Pittsburgh researchers have studied astronomy for over 100 years. The beautiful old building houses “one of the major astronomical institutions in the world.” Riverview Park is expansive and untamed, which means your dog will definitely find squirrels to chase and you might even find people riding horses on some of the steeper, more wooded trails.

South Park – Corrigan Drive

Your dog will have a blast in the off-leash area, but be sure to clip the leash back on when you go looking for more wildlife around the rest of the park. South Park is so undisturbed that an actual herd of bison still calls this park home. Wildlife enthusiasts travel from all over Pennsylvania to see these majestic beasts from America’s past. Careful with your pup if you do decide to take him or her out of the off-leash area though. Fido might mistake one of the bison for some kind of overgrown squirrel and go chasing after more than he or she can handle.

Hartwood Acres Park – 200 Hartwood Acres

Hartwood Acres has a massive off-leash dog area for your pup, but you’ll enjoy the trip just as much as your furry friend. Be sure to check out the eleven large outdoor statues that adorn this expansive city park. The crown jewel of Hartwood Acres is the Hartwood mansion, a magnificent Tudor style mansion built in the 1920’s. The entire park is set up around this mansion, which makes Hartwood Acres a beautiful setting to take pictures any time of day.

Frick Park  – Nicholson St & Beechwood Blvd.

Pittsburgh’s largest park was also the first park in the city to offer an off-leash dog park. Frick Park provides doggy water fountains, doggy swimming holes and doggy bags for cleaning up after man’s best friend. Plus, check out a genuine Pittsburgh icon at the Blue Slide Playground nearby. Who knows, maybe you’ll have as much fun as your pup!

Dog Stop Indoor Park – 2858 Banksville Rd.

If the weather isn’t cooperating with your dog’s workout schedule, you can still let the pup loose inside The Dog Stop. With multiple locations around Pittsburgh, it’s easy to find a place for your dog to play on a rainy day. Passes are available for just $5, or you can invest in a $25 monthly pass and go however many times you want. The Dog Stop is open to the public from 5-7 Mon-Fri and noon-4 on Saturdays. The Dog Spot even offers dog massage classes in case you really like to pamper your pet,  Take it from us at the newest Pittsburgh apartments for rent, your dog will give you plenty of doggy kisses after it runs around this awesome indoor facility a few times.

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