Amazing Pittsburgh Indoor Fitness Facilities

January 22nd, 2016 by Ryan Sundling

Fitness is a big part of wellness. Which is why we made SkyVue’s fitness center one of the nicest and best equipped of any apartments in Pittsburgh. But sometimes it’s good to change up your routine. A brisk jog is nice, but why freeze your buns off when you can heat things up in one of Pittsburgh’s amazing indoor fitness facilities? Think massive trampolines, towering rock climbing walls, and an indoor driving range! One of our favorite blogs, Fittsburgh, has a fantastic list of 11 Fun Ways to Stay Active This Winter. Check out our top 3 indoor activities below.

  1. Fly – Fittsburgh asks, “Why run around to burn calories when you could jump around instead?” Good question. And what better way to get exercise, act like a big kid, and stay warm all at once than on GIANT TRAMPOLINES?!? Skyzone has two massive trampoline parks in the Pittsburgh area complete with 34 nine-by-nine-foot jumping squares and 40 ft. ceilings, plus basketball and dodge ball jump areas. More info at:
  1. Climb – Have you ever seen an avid rock climber? They’re usually lean and CUT! Who can argue with a workout that’s effective and exciting? Try getting bored while hanging by your fingers 25 feet in the air. Sheesh! As Fittsburgh puts it, “Playing cliffhanger is way cooler than running on a treadmill.” Their indoor climbing recommendation The Climbing Wall in the East End area. Just off Penn Ave., The Climbing Wall features more than 14,000 sq. ft. of climbing terrain from no-rope-required bouldering areas for beginners to twelve 15-30-foot-high top rope walls for avid climbers. They also offer classes. More at:
  1. Swing – It seems like Pittsburgh has more beautiful golf courses than beautiful weather in which to enjoy them. When those lovely spring days roll around, you want your golf swing to be looking pro. Luckily, you can practice all winter long nearby at Robert Morris University’s gigantic Golf Dome in Neville Island, where it’s always 70 degrees. They’ve got reasonable driving range rates and informative classes taught by real PGA pros. Fore! More info:

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