4 Apps that Deliver to SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

March 7th, 2017 by Ryan Sundling

food delivery pittsburgh apartments

Here are some new delivery services to take advantage of next time you’re having an especially lazy Sunday at SkyVue Pittsburgh apartments. Our team compiled this list with the help of the good folks at NextPittsburgh, so you can take full advantage Pittsburgh’s foody tech scene.




There’s nothing new about an app that delivers everyday items from convenience stores. However, the Philadelphia-based goPuff does have a new spin on this convenient service. Instead of using third party stores like CVS and Target for their merchandise, goPuff actually has their own warehouses in Pittsburgh—and 15 other cities—from which delivery people can grab the items you need. By eliminating the middle-man, goPuff is able to eliminate delivery fees as well. If you spend $49 or more on your order, goPuff will deliver your items free of charge. You’ll only have to pay for the items you buy. If your order doesn’t quite reach the $49 mark, goPuff will charge a $1.95 delivery fee to deliver to most apartments in Oakland, Pittsburgh. That’s is still cheaper than similar services like Favor.


Another factor that sets goPuff apart from the competition is their late night hours of operation. They deliver from 12pm to 4:30am, so you can get that Gatorade and Chex Mix you crave delivered to your apartment long after the convenience stores close.




If you have to work through lunch, the least you can ask for is a tasty meal at your desk. Believe it or not, corporate catering is big business. People are getting busier and busier, working longer hours and spending less time at home. In an effort to maximize employee hours at the office, many companies hold meetings during lunch. Some companies will treat their employees to a catered lunch when this happens. Unfortunately, a lot of the catered food out there leaves something to be desired. It often comes in aluminum pans. It’s soggy, It lacks flavor. Most of all, it makes employees wish they’d just gone out to the local deli down the street.


That’s where Foodee comes in. Foodee partners with local restaurants to deliver corporate catering options that don’t taste terrible—what a novel idea! Foodee founder Ryan Spong saw the opportunity to utilize restaurant’s downtime (after breakfast, before lunch) and pay them to prepare huge corporate catering meals. The restaurant’s love the extra business during a time when they would otherwise be slow, and the corporate employees love eating local food that actually tastes good.


Pittsburgh Fresh


Finally, a company that delivers freshly prepared food on-demand. Pittsburgh Fresh will deliver a ready-to-heat meal to your door any time you want. Imagine coming back from the gym to a nutritious, delicious meal at your door. Menu options include mouth-watering meals like Chicken bruschetta with spaghetti squash pasta primavera and 6. Grilled lamb chops with orzo salad. Those meals would take about an hour to cook yourself, and most people simply don’t feel like preparing a healthy meal when they get home from work. Pittsburgh Fresh knows that, and that’s why their business works.  


Chip and Kale


Plant-based diets are all the rage right now. Just search “#plantbased” on Instagram to see for yourself. Chip and Kale has come up with a business plan to capitalize on this trend, preparing and delivering pre-packaged meals that are ready to cook when they arrive at your door. Their menu updates each week, but it currently includes plant-based meals like one pot peanut ramen bowls and hash brown casseroles. Imagine waking up to a healthy hashbrown casserole tomorrow morning!
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