3 New Businesses near SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

February 7th, 2017 by Ryan Sundling

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Pittsburgh apartments have seen plenty of new residents during past few years. Our city has gone through an influx of young people, fueled by a thriving tech sector, nationally ranked universities, and a world-renowned restaurant scene. We’re even stealing residents from Philadelphia, as mentioned in this article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. They key passage in the article states:


“The latest U.S. census data available on migration patterns shows metropolitan Pittsburgh gaining more residents from the Philadelphia area than in the net exchange with any other region.”


In fact, the explosion of the young population is part of the reason we decided to build SkyVue Apartments. Whether you want a more exciting life downtown or you’re enrolling in college nearby, you can find the luxury you’re looking for at our apartments in Oakland, Pittsburgh.


It’s not just Pittsburgh luxury apartments that are taking advantage of all the new residents. Local businesses are building and expanding as well. Here are three beloved local businesses that will be cutting the ribbon on new locations in 2017.


Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream is unveiling a second location downtown


In addition to its location in Shadyside, Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream will be opening a store on Forbes Avenue in Market Square. The local ice cream store is famous for unique flavors like Olive Oil and Toasted Oat Maple, which are made using organic milk and eggs from local Pennsylvania farms.


The new location could look vastly different from their original, quaint ice cream shop in Shadyside. Millie’s on Forbes will be opening in an existing building, so there isn’t much room to get creative with the outside of the shop. This is a far cry from the original Millie’s, which is about as picturesque an ice cream shop as there is in America. We won’t judge a book by it’s cover though, since Millie’s has already proven their ice cream is second to none.   


Mr. Small’s Funhouse owners are renovating another church


The church across the street from Mr. Small’s Funhouse was once known as the Millvale United Methodist Church. That name will soon be changed to something slightly different; The Sanctuary at Mr. Small’s. The plans for the new space include a cafe, a recording studio and a secondhand musical instrument shop.


One of Mr. Small’s owners is Liz Berlin, who told NextPittsburgh, “The focus is in creating spaces for at-risk youth to experience tech and understand how to work through traumatic experiences by expressing themselves through music and art.”


Mr. Small’s has seen some big national acts come through over the years, but this second location will give the venue a chance to help out the locals as well.


Reed & Co. just opened a little market in Lawrenceville filled with healthy foods


The term, “fast food” usually brings to mind images of greasy french fries and sloppy cheeseburgers. Reed & Co. would like you to know that food can be fast without being unhealthy.   The retail food shop will be offering quick, convenient and — most importantly — healthy foods at their new location in Lawrenceville. The owners of the store moved to Pittsburgh from New York with the hopes of opening up a shop where busy professionals can quickly grab a healthy snack instead of resorting to a bag of chips from the closest gas station.  Reed & Co. will be selling healthy eating options like smoothies, fresh fruit, salads and cold press juices in a “healthy grab and go” style shop on Butler Street.
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