3 Companies to Watch from SkyVue Pittsburgh Apartments

April 4th, 2017 by Ryan Sundling

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Many residents of our Pittsburgh apartments are enrolled at top-tier universities in the area. Our residents are smart, and we expect more than a couple companies to be launched out of SkyVue apartments. Okay, maybe that’s being a little too hopeful, but we like to think of our apartment community as a hotbed for some of Pittsburgh’s best and brightest.


When we created SkyVue, we knew we would have plenty of entrepreneurial minded residents. When you put an apartment in the middle of all these amazing educational institutions, it comes with the territory. That’s why we included special features like private collaboration rooms and conference spaces. Not to mention the inspiring views we provide to all our residents up in the Sky Lounge. You just can’t help but be motivated when you’re staring at the Pittsburgh skyline at sunset.


In this week’s blog, we’re tapping into that entrepreneurial spirit by showcasing some of Pittsburgh’s hottest tech companies. These start-ups made waves in 2016 and are showing no signs of slowing down. Plus some of these companies were actually founded by graduates of the educational institutions that surround our apartments in Oakland, Pittsburgh.


Without further delay, here are three of the coolest tech companies Pittsburgh has to offer:


Conversant Labs


This tech startup has a higher purpose — to help the visually impaired get through day to day tasks without feeling like they’re handicapped. Conversant Labs was founded by Chris Maury, who has a degenerative eye condition that inhibits his ability to see, but not his ability to create. Conversant Labs’ first software development was called Say Shopping and it helps blind or visually impaired people shop online using only their voice.


After Say Shopping was a huge success, Conversant Labs developed a hands-free software called Yes, Chef! This software helps visually impaired people cook by using voice-activated technology. Yes, Chef! actually reads recipes to the user, guiding them through the various steps and ingredients required.


Based in Shadyside, this helpful tech company is currently working on more software that can be used with the Amazon Alexa device. If you’re like most Americans, losing your vision is one of your biggest fears. Just be rest-assured that companies like Conversant Labs are out there every day trying to make life easier for the visually impaired.


Anglr Labs


Some might say that going fishing is a chance to escape technology, but Anglr Labs thinks technology can help people get more out of the fishing experience. Anglr Labs developed an app that lets people track their various fishing trips, much like those apps that help people track their runs. They also offer rod-mounted technology that can help people log their time fishing, and ideally track improvements in their technique going forward.


Diamond Kinetics – Swingtracker


When you’ve got the Pittsburgh Pirates using your sports performance technology, you know you’re doing something right. That’s the case at Diamond Kinetics, a company that’s developed two different technology-based training programs to help hitters improve their swing. According to the Diamond Kinetics website, Swingtracker keeps tabs on 11 different areas of a hitter’s swing, showing which areas need work.


Imagine what Babe Ruth could have done with this kind of technology! Soon, many more young hitters will start to track their swings with Swingtracker, as Diamond Kinetics was recently named an official technology partner for the American Baseball Coaches Association.
Thanks for reading this week’s blog post! We’ll be back in a few weeks with another edition of the SkyVue blog. In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social media so that you don’t miss a thing from the luxury apartments Pittsburgh students prefer.

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